Crybullies News /crybulliesnews Crybullies News - Crybullies Information Tue, 04 Apr 2017 17:57:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Rioters plan to wear hijabs so they can file hate crimes if touched /crybulliesnews/2017-04-04-rioters-plan-to-wear-hijabs-so-they-can-file-hate-crimes-if-touched.html Tue, 04 Apr 2017 16:25:49 +0000 The far-Left anarchists who belong to the violent protest group Antifa are planning to adopt a new tactic members believe will enable them to use the legal system against anyone who fights back after they start trouble.

As reported by Prison Planet, Antifa rioters will begin wearing Muslim veils so that if any of them are “touched” by supporters of President Donald J. Trump, they will be able to file “hate crimes” charges.

According to a Facebook post noted by Prison Planet:

Dear Friends and resist(ers), today, tomorrow and always we must resist the fascist movement of Trump and his puppets! They are becoming more dangerous by the day. They are armed and they are not afraid of confrontation or intimidation. We need to become more organized. Everyone please buy a niqab and wear one when protesting. You cannot be touched! If any Trump puppet touches you, you can charge them with a hate crime! This is the only way we can take them down. Please also get the backing of your local Mosque if police come questioning your religion. They will always help you as long as it is to resist Satan Trump and his puppet demon followers…

The post also instructs members to “take up arms” by buying pepper spray or buy a BB gun and spray paint it black. Still, if any member is contacted physically by a Trump supporter, “make sure you tell police they grabbed your niqab so they can be charged with a hate crime.” (RELATED: Read Leftists Using “Violence As Self-Defense” Against Speech They Don’t Like, Reminiscent Of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.)

The poster, who is not positively identified, next makes a threat against the president and the first family.

“Once enough are gone we can finally take down their churches and make sure the Trump family is left for dead in the streets to rot and we finally can have the rightful person as president for ALL PEOPLE!” the post said.

Now mind you, it’s not up to individuals to “file hate crimes charges.” Police have to find probable cause to arrest someone for a hate crime and prosecutors have to decide whether or not to pursue such charges. And now that this ‘tactic’ has been exposed, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to claim you’ve been discriminated against.

There is also the fact that the Antifa movement is premised on violence; everywhere they show up they are committing acts of violence. Their entire purpose is to attend pro-Trump events just to disrupt them. So it’s going to be a little difficult for group members to show up to such events, pepper spray Trump supporters or shoot them with BB guns and then claim they’ve been wrongly persecuted for their “religion” after they initiated the altercation – which, of course, will be captured on many cell phones.

But this is also instructive, because it shows the depth of depravity inherent in this organization and those who belong to it. If there is any “hate” it is being demonstrated by Antifa members. They hate the fact that Trump is president; they hate his supporters; and they hate more than anything the fact that every day that goes by and he’s still in the White House, they have been unsuccessful in getting him removed.

That such a hate-filled group can even get away with claiming its members are the ones being wronged is only possible because the discredited establishment media gives legitimacy to them…because the media hates Trump too, as demonstrated most recently (again) here. (RELATED: Read More violence from the Left as Trump supporters beaten, bloodied at Berkeley.)

In fact, there was so much hate and violence directed at Trump and his supporters during the campaign, a federal judge has ruled that three people who were beaten up by anti-Trump demonstrators during a campaign event in July 2016 can move ahead with their lawsuit against the city.

It is getting to the point where Trump supporters – upon seeing episode after episode of violence directed at them simply for supporting a presidential candidate – are fed up with it and are not sitting back any longer. Antifa members appear to understand that, which is why they’re trying to manipulate the legal system into punishing Trump backers instead of focusing on the real troublemakers – them.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.



California slashes funding of public schools that have “too many whites” /crybulliesnews/2017-04-03-california-slashes-funding-of-public-schools-that-have-too-many-whites.html Tue, 04 Apr 2017 03:21:20 +0000 The far-Left wackos who run the state of California are not only institutional bigots and racists, they are overt about it as well.

Well, if you’re white, that is – which makes this nothing short of hate on steroids, given that whites ceased to be a majority in the state in 2015, having been surpassed by Latinos.

As reported by KABC, there was growing outrage in late March at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood because the school is facing larger class sizes and layoffs of staff and teachers, thanks to a law that limits funding for schools who have more white kids.

The station noted that the school is operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District, which hands out more funding to those with student bodies containing 30 percent or fewer white kids. In a recent letter to parents, district officials announced that they would be cutting funding to Walter Reed in NoHo, which is very highly regarded, because its student body consisted of more than 30 percent white children for the past few years. (RELATED: CLAIM: Berkeley Cops Were Ordered To Stand Down While Violent Left-Wing Terrorists Assaulted Conservatives.)

KABC noted further:

The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s. Parents, however, remain frustrated with what the cuts might mean for their children.

“When your class sizes are getting larger and you’re taking resources away from students, I mean as parents, you do want your kid to go to college,” parent Rosemary Estrada told KABC.

The district has tried to soften the budget cuts by changing the school’s spending formula to one that is instead based on the overall number of students, but that’s only going to help to an extent.

“Thankfully we’re going to keep our librarian,” said Sheila Edmiston, another parent. “We’re going to keep our nurse, but we may lose a few teachers, but not as many as we once thought.”

Nevertheless, the loss of funding will still result in several lost jobs and larger class sizes. “For many parents,” KABC reported, “the race-based reason of ‘too many white students’ has made the cuts more difficult to swallow.”

Well, that’s certainly putting it mildly. To assume that some parents – especially most white parents – aren’t seething about this is to be about as naïve as it gets.

A quick Google search will bring up a ton of references to past federal court cases ordering schools – especially across the South, decades ago – to de-segregate. The idea, which of course was correct, is that no matter what a child’s skin color, everyone deserves the same educational opportunities.

And while the Constitution acknowledged that we’re all “created equal,” that principle was not universally applied through most of our early history. But then again, that’s what was so genius about the Constitution; as our society evolved, it provided American legislators and courts the tools to change laws and practices to make things right, so to speak.

But how do those court rulings justify racism against whites today, especially when they’re not even a majority of the population in California? Broader question: Why has the Left been permitted to justify any and all racial bigotry as long as it is directed towards anyone with white skin? (RELATED: California Should Be Stripped Of Electoral College Votes Due To High Number Of Illegals In The CA Census.)

If equality means what it implies – and you know, California’s Left-wing Democrats claim they’re all about equality – then neither this school nor any other in the state (or anywhere) should be punished for any reason having anything at all to do with the ethnicity of students.

This is just another reason why sane people, with the means, are fleeing California in droves. High taxes, massive regulations, and racist education policies are not what most Americans find appealing.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.




Millennial BRAIN DRAIN? 12 percent of Millennials don’t know how to change a light bulb… 25 percent can’t boil an egg… what happened? /crybulliesnews/2017-03-29-millennial-brain-drain-12-of-millennials-dont-know-how-to-change-a-light-bulb-25-cant-boil-an-egg-what-happened-2.html Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:11:37 +0000 Millennials do not possess the crucial life skills needed to survive in today’s society. Several surveys taken in the UK reveal that today’s adults under 35 still turn to their parents for help when it comes to doing basic household tasks. Changing a lightbulb or repairing a fence are as bizarre to them as ‘qwerty’ keyboards are to the elderly. Similar surveys in the US found that nearly a quarter of young adults cannot boil an egg. Consider these figures:

  • 77 percent of young people don’t know how to fix a tire puncture on their bicycle
  • 68 percent cannot wire an electrical plug
  • 23 percent don’t know how to use a washing machine
  • 41 percent can’t connect a blu-ray player to their television

A vast majority of millennials admit to not knowing how to hang a picture, decorate a room, iron a shirt or blouse, or place a new washer in a dripping faucet.

Millennials Go to “Adulting” School Because #TheStruggleIsReal

It seems almost comical, but there are now “adulting” schools that teach people from Gen Y how to be proper adults. Some courses include basic life skills such as learning how to sew, learning how to check tire pressure, and the ever-popular, learning how to change a lightbulb. Other courses focus more on how to resolve conflicts, how to navigate social gatherings, and even how to be and feel heard. This isn’t to say that millennials are not achievers in classroom knowledge. Latest statistics show that 33 percent of adults aged 25 to 29 years old possess degrees from four-year colleges. That is a record number unseen by previous generations. Additionally, around 90 percent of millennials have finished high school. Those who pass the AP exams annually has quintupled in just the last decade alone. Analysts estimate this trend to continue, with more adults excelling on exams.

So why the discrepancy? There are several reasons for this but perhaps the most important one is that millennials themselves say they do not see the need to learn these skills. Already there are studies that show that technology has changed the way the brain develops. An average millennial spends around 18 hours a day on some form of digital media, with a whopping 90 percent of young adults using social media. Neurologists have found that while the areas for problem solving and concentration are developed, the areas of the brain used for communication have been stunted in many millennials.

The effects are not limited to social interaction. GPS, for example, shuts down parts of the brain meant for higher levels of thinking. Young adults rely heavily on the technology that they blindly follow the instructions without stopping to consider whether the data they are being fed is correct at all. Those who still take the time to plan their own routes or check a map show more positive brain activity.

Cooking is also a life skill that millennials no longer feel the need to learn. Recent marketing reports say that Gen Y adults are more likely to order food for delivery or carry out. This has led to the creation of “grocerants,” which are groceries that provide ready-made meals. Almost 80 percent of millennials have purchased prepared foods in the last month, compared to 68 percent of Generation Xers, 60 percent of Baby Boomers, and 57 percent of the Silent Generation.

The effects of technology manifest themselves in generational traits. Millennials are more likely to “trust the system” and rely on digital infrastructure to fix everything. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are more pessimistic by nature and normally have a backup plan. This includes creating disaster preparedness plans. In fact, other studies point to the assumption that should something drastically go wrong, millennials will run around like headless chickens, unable to move or think because for once, they cannot rely on their mobile phones.

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Pennsylvania school forces boy to “tolerate” undressing in front of transgender /crybulliesnews/2017-03-28-pennsylvania-school-forces-boy-to-tolerate-undressing-in-front-of-transgender.html Wed, 29 Mar 2017 04:41:43 +0000 Liberal hypocrisy is destroying American culture, point blank. This is just another example of how.

Far-Left Democratic politicians, especially, claim to have cornered the market on “compassion” for children. No one cares more about them than they do, and it’s those “evil” Republicans who want to starve children, deny them health care, use and abuse them and take away their basic humanity.

None of that is true, mind you, but the hypocrisy of those claims made by Democratic politicians is staggering, since the Democratic Party is the party of cultural decay.

Case in point: As noted by Fox News columnist Todd Starnes, a school in Pennsylvania is forcing a teenage boy to “tolerate’ having to undress in front of a physiological female who is “identifying” as being another boy.

She’s not, plain and simple, but to a liberal, that factoid doesn’t matter. So much for “protecting our children.” (RELATED: Watch: Tucker Carlson Crush Liberal Lunatic Over Anti-Science “Transgender Nonsense”.)

Starnes notes:

A teenage boy was told by school leaders that he had to “tolerate” undressing in front of a female student and to make it as “natural” as possible, according to a blockbuster lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania district court.

The suit, filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law Center, alleges that officials at the Boyertown Area School District essentially shamed the boy into doing something he otherwise would not have done, while violating his personal rights to privacy. In addition, the suit alleges sexual harassment.

“No school should rob any student of this legally protected personal privacy,” said ILC lawyer Randall Wenger. “We trust that our children won’t be forced into emotionally vulnerable situations like this when they are in the care of our schools because it’s a school’s duty to protect and respect the bodily privacy and dignity of all students.”

Not just students chosen by the school PC police.

Starnes notes further that last fall, “Joel Doe” was standing in a locker room in his undergarment in the process of changing for gym class. The suit states, “He suddenly realized there was a member of the opposite sex changing with him in the locker room, who was at the time, wearing nothing but shorts and a bra.”

The teen, along with several other classmates, told the school’s assistant principal, who has been named as a defendant in the suit.

“Dr. Foley indicated that the legality was up in the air but that students who mentally identify themselves with the opposite sex could choose the locker room and bathroom to use, and physical sex did not matter,” says the suit.

Except that it does matter – it’s always mattered.

When the teen boy asked the assistant principal if the school could do something to protect his privacy, he was told, allegedly to “tolerate” it and make the situation as “natural” as possible.

What’s even worse, Starnes notes, is that the boy’s parents weren’t even told about the school district’s policy of allowing those who “identify” as another sex into the formerly private areas of school – locker rooms and bathrooms, mostly.

“The District’s directive to Joel Doe was that he must change with students of the opposite sex, and make it as natural as possible, and that anything less would be intolerant and bullying against students who profess a gender identity with the opposite sex,” says the suit. (RELATED: Loopy liberals now trying to say the definition of a ‘woman’ is merely a decision not rooted in biological reality.)

This idiocy started under Obama and it continues today, though President Donald Trump has reversed the policy, throwing the issue back to states. But it was stupid policy then, it’s stupid policy now, and it’ll always be stupid policy, because it violates the privacy rights of 99.99 percent of kids while deferring to the .01 percent of them, making the tiny minority of students the only ones afforded full rights.

There are two sexes among human beings – not 20 – male and female. And while the medical technology exists today to allow a person to physically change the outward appearance, unless or until that happens, students and adults should be made to use private facilities according to their actual gender. Enough of the lunacy, already.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


SHOCK: Millennial generation overwhelmingly unable to do basic household tasks /crybulliesnews/2017-03-28-millennial-morons-12-of-millennials-dont-know-how-to-change-a-light-bulb-25-cant-boil-an-egg-what-happened.html Tue, 28 Mar 2017 16:16:43 +0000 Although most of them believe that they are God’s gift to the world, millennials are far from perfect. Defined as anyone born between 1982 and 2004, millennials are generally proficient when it comes to using technology, and many of them are actually very book smart. But as for street smarts and just plain commonsense? Not so much.

According to researchers in Britain, 20% of young people under the age of 35 still turn to their parents for help with common household tasks. For example, the study found that more than half of millennials today are unable to put up wallpaper by themselves, and one in eight admitted to not knowing how to change a light bulb. Additionally, a study by British maintenance company Corgi HomePlan found that 80% of young women rely on their partners to fix things and keep up with basic home maintenance.

The problem, according to Dr. Sandi Mann, a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, is that young people are no longer seeing the importance of being hands on. “Millennials are being brought up to be tech-savvy and their skill is in electronic manipulation,” Dr. Mann explained. “Whilst their parents might be better at changing light bulbs, it is the older generation who often turn to the younger ones for help when their computer or phone crashes.”

Indeed, more statistics revealed by this study and others prove Dr. Mann’s explanation to be one hundred percent accurate. In October of last year, for example, a survey found that one in four people between the ages of 25 and 34 weren’t capable of boiling an egg on their own. Nineteen percent of these young people admitted to thinking that an egg can be hard-boiled in less than two minutes. Sadly, the survey showed that young people are losing the skills that their parents and grandparents possessed years before their time – 77% said they can’t fix a bike puncture and 68% can’t wire a plug. (RELATED: Here are 40 shockingly simple skills that millennials don’t know how to do.)

Indeed, technology is a wonderful thing. It generally makes our lives much easier and convenient, and young people will be the first to tell you that. The Robotwist Hands Free Jar Opener, for instance, is a product that has recently been advertised online and on television. The device is able to clamp down on a jar lid and then automatically twist it off, thus saving people the trouble of using their own hands and strength. But like most other things in life, there is a downside.

With all of this technology, and less of an emphasis being put on hard work and hands on activities, upcoming generations are increasingly losing their ability to take care of themselves. Worse, what happens should society collapse one day and suddenly smartphones and other forms of technology are rendered useless? What happens if the world instantaneously requires physical strength, commonsense, intuition, and just plain street smarts? Would millennials have the ability to survive day-to-day life in an environment such as this?

In a survival situation where there is no more government, no more power and no more Internet, young people wouldn’t be able to simply pull out their smartphones and look up how to boil an egg that they found the day before perched up in a tree. (RELATED: These are the best foods to grow and store for survival.) Similarly, they wouldn’t be able to do a Google search for how to change a light bulb, assuming of course that they were first able to power up a generator for power.

While technology is convenient and makes our lives easier in thousands of different ways, it should never be a replacement for street smarts and commonsense. After all, there is no app for that.


Why every new generation is just another mindless herd that gets financially obliterated by another stock market bubble collapse /crybulliesnews/2017-03-27-why-every-new-generation-herd-financially-obliterated-stock-market-bubble-collapse.html Tue, 28 Mar 2017 04:02:04 +0000 It’s always amazing to me how easily people suffer from popular delusions and the madness of crowds. Most humans are, in essence, herd animals, meaning that their beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and even their “facts” are determined almost entirely by social conformity rather than evidence of reality.

Seemingly unique to humans is the ability to cognitively justify irrational herd behavior through a complex process of self delusion where people tell themselves that they are thinking rationally. In reality, they’re just stupidly following the herd… but they’re really good at LYING to themselves to think they are rational, critical thinkers who have carefully weighed the situation and made a logical decision based on evidence.

Every new generation that comes along suffers under the absurd delusion that it’s way smarter than every previous generation. Yet every generation gets suckered into the exact same cycle of greed, conformity, panic and wipeout that afflicted each previous generation. The oft-heard mantra of, “It’s different this time” is just each new generation’s delusional self-justification bubbling to the surface long enough to convince young investors that they should buy more SNAP shares because everything is awesome!

If you’re wise enough and mature enough to be reading this website, you already know where it’s all headed: A catastrophic stock market crash that sends younger investors into a tailspin as their entire “reality” comes crashing down around them. In a medical marijuana-induced haze, they’ll be asking themselves, “What happened?”

What happened, dear youthful invest-o-noobs, is that you actually aren’t any smarter at all. In fact, you’re just as easily fooled as the suckers who fell for the dot com bubble a generation earlier. (I also warned people to sell everything two years before for dot com crash, by the way, and helped thousands of people avoid being wiped out.) What you thought was a “sure thing” was really nothing more than conformist herd mentality playing out inside your head, pretending to be “investment strategy.”

You got burned. Bad. But you learned a very costly lesson that’s also very valuable: If you’re running with the herd, watch out for the cliff ahead… because the herd will often run right over the edge and plummet to disaster below… all while claiming the herd is so intelligent that it has out-herded every previous herd that leaped off the same cliff before. (They’re a whole NEW herd, haven’t you heard?)

Bottom line? If you tend to agree with mainstream thinking on finance and investing, you are incredibly gullible, misinformed, and certain to soon experience the harsh cost of your conformist stupidity as the laws of economics abruptly correct your fantasy delusions with a swift boot to the head.

Today’s young investors are about to be hit with a devastating realization: They’re just as gullible and foolish as their parents

To further explain all this, I’ve posted a podcast that explains more. Listen to it at the Health Ranger Report website, or listen below:




Snowflakes urged to scream “Ouch” if their safe spaces are violated /crybulliesnews/2017-03-24-snowflakes-urged-to-scream-ouch-if-their-safe-spaces-are-violated.html Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:40:54 +0000 Inclusiveness has been the buzzword du jour among many universities recently. Students around the country are demanding safe spaces so that their feelings are preserved, and for whatever reason schools are giving in. In an effort to keep from upsetting their snowflakes one school has suggested implementing the words “ouch” and “oops” to solve the problem.

The University of Arizona released a 20-page “Classroom Dialogue Guide” for professors to create more “inclusive and diverse” classroom environments. Under the “Personal and Group Affirmation” section the guide suggests that lecturers encourage students to use the word “ouch” when offended by another student. In response, the person making the so-called offensive remarks should say “oops” as an apology, and thus the discussion is ended. This is just further proof that American college campuses are becoming nothing more than over-priced adult daycare centers, giving in to students’ every whim until they can kick them out in four years leaving them unable to survive on their own.

Jesús Treviño, the author of the guidelines, said they were written to promote emotion and dialogue. However, Treviño’s recommendation is to discourage the students from discussing or debating the issue any further once the ouch-oops mantra has been uttered. He writes, ““Encourage students to avoid getting tied up in debate and argument, it rarely changes anything or anyone and tends to ultimately inhibit open sharing.” This appears to presume that a subject, a statement or a conversation that involves disagreement needs to be ended instead of teaching students the effective ways to work through a conflict. It also gives students the power to stop a discussion before it starts because naturally, some students will claim to be offended just to shut another person down. (RELATED: Get more news about snowflakes at

This method also creates a victim-bully dynamic. The person saying ouch is automatically portrayed as the victim, whereas making the other student say oops forces them to accept guilt even if they don’t believe what they said was offensive, thus making them the bully. Sadly, The University of Arizona is not the first, and most likely won’t be the last, to suggest using infantile words like “ouch” to proclaim one is offended. Iowa State recently launched their “Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts” workshop in January. The curriculum is based on a book of the same name written by diversity and inclusion specialist Leslie Aguilar, and focuses on “six specific techniques” for “responding to difficult situations,” including saying the word “ouch.”

Even some liberals disagree with that the ridiculousness of the out of hand social justice movements taking place at colleges and Universities. CNN Panelist Van Jones spoke out against these growing movements. He said:

You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless, but obnoxious and dangerous. I want you to be offended every single day on this campus. I want you to be deeply aggrieved and offended and upset, and then to learn how to speak back. Because that is what we need from you in these communities.

These campuses are taking orders from students who are there to learn from them in the first place. Schools caving into the pressure from students to carry out politically correct social justice agendas is why we continue to hear these stories. In the end, the biggest victims will be the economy as these heavily indebted overly entitled children hit the workforce ready to blame anything and everyone other than themselves for the failures they will encounter in the real world. The world is not fair and will never be fair because fairness is subjective. Ultimately someone or some group is bound to feel slighted.

If these 18 to 22-year-old adults need safe words and safe spaces to function, then they are too weak to operate in society. Period.


More gender insanity: Rapist gets moved into women’s prison after sex change operation /crybulliesnews/2017-03-23-more-gender-insanity-rapist-gets-gender-change-to-become-a-woman-then-moved-into-womens-prison.html Fri, 24 Mar 2017 03:56:32 +0000 Jessica Winfield, a transgender formerly named Martin Ponting, is a convicted rapist who for years has been held at Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire. Recently, Winfield was transferred to HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, which happens to be a women’s prison. Put in simpler terms, the staff at Whitemoor prison moved Winfield to a facility not based on his biological sex, but rather based on the gender he felt he was on the inside.

A decade ago, when Winfield was a male transsexual, the convicted rapist wrote an article in prisoners’ newspaper Inside Time in which he complained about being bullied and given a “hard time because of my sexuality, possibly through lack of understanding and empathy.” One of the women who had been a victim of Ponting called the fact that the prison allowed him to change genders “diabolical.” She told the newspaper, “There are not enough words to describe him and the evil he has done.”

This move does far more harm than good. The female prisoners will now be forced to share a facility with someone who is biologically a male, which may make some feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or both. Furthermore, Ponting himself is put in danger because many of the female prisoners may not take too kindly to being forced to live with a transgender, and may respond with anger and violence.

It is time that we as a society ask ourselves how far we are going to let this go. The past five years alone have taken us further and further down the slippery slope, with things that weren’t acceptable in the past now becoming norms of society. We were told first that America wasn’t diverse enough, and that we had to learn how to be more accepting of people who were different. But even after gay marriage was officially legalized in all fifty states in 2015, we were told that we still weren’t making enough progress and that there was still a lot of work to be done.

Of course, most recently the focus has been on transgenders. Americans are being encouraged to use gender-neutral pronouns and schools have been instructed to allow students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. The question now is, what will the next battle be? Will the next national debate be over the legality of polygamy? Or perhaps pedophilia?

At some point, this social engineering has to come to an end. If we continue down this path of immorality, and if we keep making decisions based solely on preventing people from feeling left out or offended, then the foundation of our society will begin to crumble. Sadly, by that point, it will be too late.


Scales no longer allowed at university’s gym because they “trigger” students /crybulliesnews/2017-03-20-scales-no-longer-allowed-at-universitys-gym-because-they-trigger-students.html Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:15:09 +0000 Carleton University in Canada has recently removed the scale from the school gym because some students had complained that its presence “triggered” them. In other words, these students somehow felt intimidated or uncomfortable with a scale in the vicinity, and so they demanded that it be taken away. In its place, the university hung a sign explaining how the scale had been removed “in keeping with current fitness and social trends.”

Bruce Marshall, the school’s manager of health and wellness programs, explained to the school newspaper that focusing solely on weight would have a negative impact on students, even though there is no proof of this whatsoever. “We don’t believe being fixated on weight has any positive effect on your health and well-being,” Marshall told the Charlatan. “The body is an amazing machine and even when we are dieting and training it will often find a homeostasis at a certain weight.”

Marshall’s statement is very misleading however, because it implies that just because a scale is in the gym, students are solely fixated on weight alone. Furthermore, given the fact that obesity is a significant problem in the United States, being “fixated” on maintaining a healthy weight should be seen as a good thing, not bad.

It goes without saying that the scale is also crucially important to student athletes who need to maintain a certain weight in order to perform to the best of their abilities.

Still, many students openly spoke out in favor of the scale’s removal. Samar El-Faki wrote in the Charlatan, “Scales are very triggering. I think people are being insensitive because they don’t understand. They think eating disorders are a choice when they are actually a serious illness.”

It is unclear how exactly having a scale in the university gym makes people insensitive towards others with eating disorders, but evidently, according to El-Faki, it does.

However, not all students were so eager to celebrate the school’s decision to remove the scale. “Next it will be mirrors,” wrote a different student on Facebook.

In a separate discussion with CBC, Marshall explained that the university might bring the scale back after all as a result of all the backlash. “We shouldn’t remove something because some people abuse it,” he said. Marko Miljusevic, a second year student at Carleton University, argued, “We shouldn’t remove something just because some people abuse it. If they can’t handle the number that shows up on the scale then don’t step on it.”

This is just the latest example of school administrators pandering to students, going to extremes to make sure that no one is upset or offended in any way. At the University of Arizona, professors are encouraged to use the “Oops/ouch method” to give students a chance to speak out when they become offended by a statement or comment. According to the dialogue guide, which was published by the Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence and distributed to instructors, “If a student feels hurt or offended by another student’s comment, the hurt student can say ‘ouch.’ In acknowledgement, the student who made the hurtful comment says ‘oops.’ If necessary, there can be further dialogue about this exchange.”

The truth is, colleges and universities are actually making students less prepared for the future, not more. They are teaching young people that in the real world, after graduation, they will be able to run to their safe spaces and be free from trigger warnings and offensive language. This, of course, is not reality. The fact of the matter is that whether they like it or not, there will be times when they feel uncomfortable or become offended. And when those times come, they need to know how to deal with it in a calm, mature manner.


“Fact-checkers” don’t know the real facts about history, medicine, economics, politics or science /crybulliesnews/2017-03-18-fact-checkers-dont-know-the-real-facts-about-history-medicine-economics-politics-or-science.html Sat, 18 Mar 2017 16:24:07 +0000 If you look closely at the so-called “fact-checkers” who claim to exercise oversight on the media and online information, it turns out they know almost no real facts about history, medicine, economics, politics or science.

“Fact-checkers” turn out to be nothing more than biased, uninformed liberal propagandists who are astonishingly ignorant (even scientifically illiterate) about the world around them.

For example, the average “fact-checker” has no idea that IBM provided key technology to help the Nazi regime run a more efficient Holocaust. Many young journalists, bloggers and fact-checkers report that true history to be a hoax, apparently oblivious to actual history.

Similarly, no such “fact-checkers” know anything about the history of the pharmaceutical industry and how it got its start with IG Farben, the Nazi conglomerate found guilty of crimes against humanity. IG Farben was forced into a breakup by the courts, and one of the resulting corporations was Bayer, maker of children’s aspirin as well as toxic pesticides derived from Nazi-era research.

There isn’t a single liberal “fact-checker” who knows this true history, so they declare it to be a hoax. So much for FACTS, eh? According to a liberal fact-checker, a “fact” is whatever their friends believe. In other words, consensus becomes FACT because real facts have no relevance in the minds of the delusional Left (which ridiculously claims a monopoly over all facts, even as they are oblivious to real facts).

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