Crybully college professor names Natural News a ‘fake news’ website along with dozens of others that predicted the REAL election outcome

The crybully left is going bonkers, and it’s almost an overdose of joy to watch them melt down in real time. Now, they’re trying to silence the only remaining free press in America — the independent media — by targeting (or silencing) news websites that don’t indoctrinate their readers with leftist propaganda narratives.

This latest desperate crybully attack to try to silence the independent media comes from Assistant Professor of Communications at Merrimack College, Melissa “Mish” Zimdars, who seems to have a masters degree in Crybully Engineering and a Ph.D. in F##ktardery Studies.

She’s the leftist crybully deplorable behind the newly published list of websites she single-handedly claims are engaged in reporting “fake news” — a list that includes Project Veritas, Zero Hedge, Breitbart, Infowars and Natural News.

See the complete list of claims “fake news” websites at, which is, hilariously, another website that Zimdars declared to be “fake.”

The fakiest fake news website in the world is

Melissa Zimdars — who can be reached at [email protected] if you’d like to offer her some “fake” comments from “fake” readers who read a “fake” website — has compiled the list by consulting her FEELINGS about what’s real vs. fiction. The list, in other words, is discredited by default because it comes from her opinions, not an objective analysis of “real” vs. “fake” news. (And what makes Zimdars the authoritative arbiter of facts, anyway?)

If you’re looking for fake news, you can’t get any “fakier” than CNN rigged the polls, rigged the debates by surreptitiously giving Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance, rigged the debate questions to try to destroy Donald Trump and even engineered fake accusers to make baseless and defamatory claims against Mr. Trump to try to destroy his credibility. Hillary Clinton, not to be outdone by fakery, hired an army of online trolls to post fake comments on all the websites carrying real news. This army of fake trolls magically disappeared the day after the election… hmmm… it turns out much of the support base for Clinton was completely fake.

Natural News, by comparison, correctly predicted the outcome of the election — and the violent leftist uprising — well before the election took place. Not only that, but Natural News is the ONLY news website in the world to have spearheaded the scientific testing of hundreds of municipal water samples across America using our own private mass spec laboratory. We then publicly published the scientific results for public safety. This, according to Zimdars, is all fakery… even though my laboratory is internationally accredited by ISO.

Similarly, Natural News is the only website to have tested flu shots for mercury composition using ICP-MS instrumentation and published the mercury numbers in the interests of public health and safety. Year after year, Natural News has broken exclusive, factual stories and disclosed astonishing truths about the composition of foods, the environmental destruction of herbicides, the false claims of certain dietary supplement companies and the truth about the false economic numbers put out by the Obama administration.

Like all leftist totalitarians, Zimdars wants a Communist China-style blockade of truthful reporting in America

Like all communist totalitarians who despise truthful information, Zimdars thinks that she alone is qualified to determine the “truthiness” of a website, and if your website doesn’t obediently conform to liberal lunacy, Zimdars is going to name you “fake” even if you’re more scientifically accurate and honest than all the leftist, lying media outlets put together. (Ever notice that doesn’t publish mercury composition test results for vaccines?)

What she wants, of course, is to erect a Communist China-style “great wall” blockade of truthful websites. This is necessary to catapult the false propaganda of the left, which Politifact will certify as “true” even if it’s blatantly and absurdly false.

Such is the desperation of the left: They lost the election, they lost the arguments, and they’ve nearly lost all their political power in America. Now, they must turn to totalitarian censorship in a “Hail Mary” effort to silence real journalism in America… the First Amendment be damned.

(By the way, if you’re concerned about Google blocking all your favorite websites, I launched over a year ago. It’s the search engine for independent media, and it indexes all the websites that now represent the real media in America.)

As Zero Hedge explains:

While it’s unclear exactly what prompted Zimdars to publish a list of “fake news” sources, we have a sneaking suspicion it was a coping mechanism cleverly employed by the New England, liberal arts snowflake to deal with the stunning defeat of her chosen Presidential candidate. Or, perhaps she was simply trying to help the folks at Google and Facebook who have vowed to censor “fake news” sources by cutting off their access to advertising.

But, no matter the reason, below is the full list of information resources that Zimdars, the ultimate arbiter of credibility, has deemed “fake.” Notice that while the list includes numerous conservative news sources like Breitbart, Infowars, Twitchy, The Blaze and Bizpac Review, it excludes the beacon of impartiality known as The Huffington Post.

Tell Zimdars what you think… better yet, tell her colleagues!

So, as an exercise in REAL feedback, from the real readers of a real website, I’m calling upon Natural News readers to politely contact Zimdars and all her colleagues, either by phone or email, to tell them what you think about being labeled a moron for reading a “fake news” website like Natural News.

You can reach Melissa “Mish” Zimdars at:
[email protected]
or read her profile here.

Call Merrimack College directly at:

Merrimack College
315 Turnpike Street
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 837-5000

If you’d like to reach the faculty staff at Merrimack to share your “fake” views with them, here’s the contact list:

Jacob Turner
Chair & Associate Professor of Communication
Room B17, Cushing Basement
[email protected]

Lisa Glebatis Perks
Associate Professor of Communication
Room CB17, Cushing Hall
[email protected]

Andrew Tollison
Assistant Professor of Communication
Room 306A, Cushing Hall
[email protected]

Raechel Tiffe
Visiting Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Kevin Salemme
Media Center Director
McQuade Library, Basement
[email protected]

Susan Bagley Koyle
Adjunct Lecturer
[email protected]

Samantha Bruno
Department Admin
Room B17, Cushing Hall
[email protected]

Please join me in an effort to “enlighten minds” … ROFL

To sum up the hilarity of all this, here’s a glimpse into the total delusion and arrogance taught at Merrimack College, as demonstrated by Mishmash Zimdars:

From the Merrimack College website:

Merrimack College is a selective, independent college in the Catholic, Augustinian tradition whose mission is to enlighten minds, engage hearts and empower lives.

It seems their mission statement is outdated. Here’s a proper one they should consider adopting instead:

Merrimack College is a totalitarian thought police Ministry of Truth indoctrination center, inspired by the Orwellian vision of 1984, whose professors are intellectual bigots. WE RETARD MINDS, starting with our own faculty!

Read more about the left’s total war on independent media in this outstanding analysis piece at

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