PC “justice” is when a murderer gets THREE years in prison but a Muslim insult results in a 15-YEAR sentence

In recent days tens of millions of Americans, including President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, were outraged when a San Francisco jury failed to convict the illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle, 32, in 2015 of murder.

Steinle, who died in her father’s arms, fell after being struck by a bullet fired by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, of Mexico, from a gun he stole from the car of a federal Interior Department agent. He had been deported five times before but was let go by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department due to a politically correct sanctuary city policy in which local police are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

So what was Garcia Zarate convicted of? Essentially a gun crime — “felon in possession of a gun” — because the Left-wing lunatics who run San Francisco (thanks to being regularly returned to office by Left-wing lunatic voters) hate guns more than they are offended by someone breaking U.S. immigration laws and murdering American citizens. (Related: Feds file NEW charges against illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle.)

This example of politically correct justice certainly is far from the only one that we’ve seen come down the pike in recent days. As reported by WTKR, a 23-year-old Norwalk, Ohio, man was just sentenced to three years in prison after stabbing his roommate to death following a drunken argument over fast food.

Kendal Scheid likely won’t spend the entire three years behind bars because thanks to the crazy lenient sentencing guidelines, he’ll actually be eligible for parole in six months.

That’s after he earlier pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter — for knifing to death 23-year-old roommate Duncan Unternaher.

Over an argument about fast food.

Scheid’s lawyer called what happened an “unfortunate accident,” and excused the murder because Scheid asked another roommate to call 911 after he voluntarily began drinking, then voluntarily got drunk — drunk enough that he felt it was appropriate to stab another human being to death.

Now, contrast that lunacy with another, equally lunatic ruling, but one that is based on the insanity of today’s Alt-Left PC culture.

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, 37-year-old Michael Wolfe was recently sentenced to a whopping 15 years in prison for breaking into a Central Florida mosque and vandalizing it, before leaving bacon at the scene (Muslims do not eat pork).

Insulting, yes. Cruel, yes. Highly inappropriate, yes. But worse than murder? Hardly.

And yet, after pleading guilty to “criminal mischief at a place of worship,” Wolfe gets 15 years in jail to be followed by 15 years of probation…for breaking some windows and lights and leaving bacon at the scene of the crime.

There are extenuating circumstances. Wolfe was sentenced as a repeat habitual offender, though the paper did not elaborate on his other criminal acts. But I’m betting that murder wasn’t one of them.

Now, you can say, ‘Well, Scheid wasn’t convicted of murder,’ and legally and technically that is a true statement. But what act did he commit? Courts and prosecutors can call a murder anything but a murder, leading to lesser charges and lesser punishment. But the cold, hard truth is, Unternaher is no longer alive and Scheid, through voluntary actions, was responsible for his death by actually stabbing him with a knife.

He didn’t slip and fall on Scheid’s knife. He didn’t “accidentally” thrust the knife into his roommate.

He purposely killed Unternaher, but in today’s PC legal world, that’s only worth six months in jail, while someone who leaves pork at a mosque following the master criminal act of vandalism must be locked up for the rest of his formidable years — you know, because he committed additional lesser crimes before.

It’s PC nuances we apply to law these days that allow murders like Scheid and Zarate to essentially get away with taking another person’s life. Used to be that was a pretty big deal, legally speaking.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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