Should we really be careful not to offend extremists?

The Leftist cry-bullies asked Donald J. Trump if he would be able to “accept defeat” if he lost in the 2016 election, and now they’ve spent more than 2 years unable to accept their own defeat, staging hate crimes and hoaxes to illegally try to impeach him and cause division in our country.

The Leftist cry-bullies demanded we accept all female accusations as true when several lied and accused Bret Kavanaugh of horrendous sex crimes that they alleged happened in his college days, but when leaders of the Democrats were accused of the same, they screamed of the politicians innocence and immediately moved to discredit the accusers, saying those women are liars until proven otherwise.

In case you are unaware, a cry-bully is defined as a person who is mean, vicious, and cruel to others, but then cries the blues when someone defends themselves against it all, as if the bully himself/herself is the victim.

Defend your own mental and physical health when protecting the innocent from cry-bullies and lying extremists

The Democrat Party is dead. There are no rational, normal, civilized people left in that party who can debate any political topics without losing their minds, becoming irate and violent, or simply running away in a fit of sophomoric frustration and rage. They have no idea what their party represents that’s constructive, meaningful, soulful, or actually productive in any way, shape, or form. All they know is to hate Trump.

All Democrats are extremists now. They will hit you in the face for simply wearing a MAGA hat or t-shirt. They will vandalize your automobile if it bears a pro-Trump bumper sticker. They will scream you out of a restaurant if you work for the Trump administration.

All Democrats are irrational, socialist, communists that are completely and utterly brainwashed by the media, including TV, newspapers, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They all belong now to the DDC – the Democrat Death Cult, and every one of them would gladly pay to watch a public execution of any Trump supporter.

All Democrats have been trained by the journo-terrorists and Leftist “presstitutes” to terrorize, bully, and mob anyone who doesn’t agree with their illogical insanity. Their own mental health has gone off the deep end, and they think that to be “tolerant” means to only tolerate people who agree with you, while all others are racists, bigots, extremists, white supremacists, Nazis, and yes, bullies.

The bullies want nothing more than everyone in the country seething with hatred and animosity. This boils over into physical ailments rooted in stress, anger, hypertension, inflammation, and poor digestion. This, in turn, leads to more poor decision making and even getting arrested, accosted, burned, beaten, or shot by innocent patriots who have common sense, legal weapons, and legitimate reasons to defend themselves.

Should you still worry about what you think, say, post, and represent, when it’s ethically, morally, and justifiably sound?

The Left says, posts, and does whatever they want and they get away with it too. Why? Because the insane Left runs America, even though Trump is President. Don’t think so? Take a look at the Deep State, all of social media, every TV station except a few Fox shows, every major website with corporate advertising, and just about every bloody newspaper printed in this country. Who do you think has control of all of that?

Certainly not Trump. He’s been declaring the mass media the enemy of the state since he began running for POTUS, and he was right. That’s one main reason he won the election. He calls out all the lies, the deception, and the cry-bullies, and he does it almost instantaneously.

The best time to defend yourself, your rights, and the Constitution is right when they are attacked by the insane Left. You must be “Johnny on the spot” to make your point and be heard.

Truth media has exposed all of the plots, hoaxes, deception, and censorship that’s come from the DDC since the beginning. By sharing truth news, truth memes, and simply word of mouth, we stand tall, knowing the truth and how to defend ourselves. Stick together and keep voting Republican at every poll. Don’t worry at all what these cry-bully extremists do to try and intimidate and shut us down. This only works if we all stick together.

Hang on to your guns Americans, for they must be very powerful, or the DDC wouldn’t want them so badly. Tune into for updates on pro-liberty news and events. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News.

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